2021-2022 Research Events

Research Calendar

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2021-2022 School Year

The following events were scheduled to take place on the campus of Andrews University. However, adjustments have been made due to COVID-19.  Please contact the conference planners for additional details on cancelled/postponed events.

If you know of or are planning an event that you would like to see listed here please email research@andrews.edu. View past events here.

DATE                                                     EVENT PLENARY SPEAKERS(S) LOCATION    TIME                                          
September 9, 2021 Dwain L Ford Lecture Series: The Future of Plant-based Drug Discovery Dr. Paul A. Cox (Brain Chemistry Labs) On line: Zoom

Contact: Desmond Murray (murrayd@andrews.edu)

4:30 pm (EST)
September 23, 2021 Dwain L Ford Lecture Series: Universal Vaccine Development through Glycoengineering Chi-Huey Wong
(Scripps Research)
On line: Zoom

Contact: Desmond Murray (murrayd@andrews.edu)

4:30 pm (EST)
September 30, 2021 Dwain L Ford Lecture Series: Science & Society: Top 10 Fake Science News Stories

Dr. Joe Schwarcz (McGill University)

On line: Zoom

Contact: Desmond Murray (murrayd@andrews.edu)

4:30 pm (EST)

October 4, 2021

Composition of the Pentateuch Conference

To Be Announced

Contact: Rahel Wells (rschafer@andrews.edu) Virtual event

10:00 am (EST)
October 7, 2021 Dwain L Ford Lecture Series: Macromolecular Therapeutics: New Broad Use Biologics James Hedrick (IBM)  On line: Zoom

Contact: Desmond Murray (murrayd@andrews.edu)

4:30 pm (EST)
October 14, 2021 Dwain L Ford Lecture Series: Government and Science Eddie Bernice Johnson
(U.S. House of Representatives)
On line: Zoom
Contact: Desmond Murray (murrayd@andrews.edu)


4:30 pm (EST)
October 15, 2021 GPC Research Symposium: A Showcase of GDPC dissertations, student projects, and faculty research. To Be Announced

Contact: Monica Cervantes (cervantes@andrews.edu)  

11:00 am (EST)
October 14-16, 2021

Congress of Social Justice 

SDA Theological Seminary

Andrews University              Seminary (In-person)


11:30 am (EST)
October 19, 2021 John O. Waller Lectureship on the Arts

Department of English

Dr. Carissa Harris, Temple University 

Contact: Vanessa Corredera (correder@andrews.edu) 

7:00 pm (EST)
October 20, 2020

Kingman Lecture Series

Eugenia Cheng Science in Residence,      School of the Art Institute, Chicago.

Howard Performing Arts Center, Andrews University

Contact: Lynelle Weldon (weldon@andrews.edu) 

7:00 pm (EST)

October 21, 2021

Celebration of Community Engagement

Rachel Wade, VP of Strategy,            United Way of South West Michigan.

Newbold Auditorium Andrews University

Contact: Paulette Johnson (paulette@andrews.edu)

5:30 pm (EST)
October 22, 2021

Celebration of Research and Creative Scholarship

Anneris Coria-Navia, Gustavo Gregorutti, and S. Joseph Kidder

Andrews University

Contact: Gary Burdick (research@andrews.edu)

12:30 pm (EST)
November 7, 2021 Leaders In The Field

J. Montagano Lectureship Series

  Contact: Monica Cervantes (cervantes@andrews.edu)  11:45 pm (EST)
November 12-13, 2021

Andrews Autumn Conference on Religion and Science: Archeology and Theology Dialogue, Andrews Way of Archeology.

 Oystein LaBianca, Randy Younker, and former students.

Contact: Office of Research & Creative Scholarship (research@andrews.edu) 

7:00 pm (EST) &

8:00 am (EST)

November 14, 2021

NAD EndItNow


Topics include: identifying and supporting child victims, best practices from a legal perspective, pornography addiction and abuse, and the dynamics of spiritual abuse.  NAD/Seminary (Live Streamed) 1:00-5:00 pm (EST)

February 8, 10-12,  2022

(Postponed to February 9-11, 2023) 

Seminary Scholarship Symposium


17th Annual Seminary Scholarship Symposium. Held in collaboration with CHHS. 


Andrews University              Seminary (In-person)

Contact: Dorothy Show (showd@andrews.edu)


February 12, 2022

(Postponed to February 11, 2023)

Science Religion Dilalogues; : Faith and Health David DeRose, MD

Andrews University              Seminary (In-person)

Contact: Dorothy Show (showd@andrews.edu)

February 17-19, 2022 AU Word and Music Conference:Healing Together - Hebrews 10:24-25" 19th Annual Music & Worship Conference. Shannon Graigo-Sneil, PhD; Richard Hickam, DWS; Cheryl Wilson-Bridges, DSL. 

Andrews University              Seminary (Virtual)

Contact: David Williams (wdavid@andrews.edu)

March 11, 2022 Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters  To Be Announced

Virtual Conference

Contact: Gary Burdick 


March 11, 2022 Honors Scholar and Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium  To Be Announced

Andrews University (In-person)

Contact: Monique Pittman (pittman@andrews.edu)

1:30 pm (EST)
March 31, 2022 Andrews University Teaching & Learning Conference  Dr. Hannah Schell

Virtual Conference

To register contact: Research@andrews.edu

12:30 pm (EST)
April 1, 2022 Leaders In The Field  Celeste. M. Malone, PhD

Virtual Conference

To register contact: Monica Cervantes (cervantes@andrews.edu)

1:00 pm (EST) 
April 4, 2022 Ellen G. White Symposium To Be Announced

Andrews University              Seminary (In-person)

Contact: Heidi Magesa (heidim@andrews.edu)

May 16-18, 2022 Andrews Research Conference: Early Career Research in STEM To Be Announced

Andrews University (In Person)

Contact: Research@andrews.edu

May 18-20, 2022 Adventist Human Subject Research Association 2022: Faith and Wholeness Tyler J. VanderWeele, PhD and David R. Williams PhD

Advent Health, Orlando, Florida. (In-person)


July 21-23, 2022 Family Life Conference: Life in the Blender: Family in the Process of Blending Ron L. Deal, LMFT; Rhonda Spencer-Hwang, DrPH, MPH, CWP; and Elizabeth Talbot, PhD

Virtual Conference

Contact: Jasmine Fraser (fraserj@andrews.edu)