Conferences and Lectureships

Andrews University is a partner and host to many symposia, conferences, and forums every year that promote scholarly research in a variety of disciplines. 

Adventist Conference on Family Research and Practice

The Adventist Conference on Family Research & Practice is an outgrowth of the annual Family Celebration Sabbath held annually in July at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

Adventist English Association

The Adventist English Association (AEA), founded in the 1960s, is an organization of English professionals from Adventist universities, colleges, and secondary schools.


 Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association 

The Adventist Human Subject Researchers Association (AHSRA) was formally organized in the fall of 2013 with the sponsorship of the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics and Research. The Association was developed during two conferences, the first at Andrews University in the spring of 2012 and the second at the General Conference in the fall of 2013.

Andrews Research Conference

The Andrews Research Conference provides Adventist early career researchers with the opportunity to share their research with one another and with Andrews University.

Autumn Conference on Religion and Science

The annual Andrews Autumn Conference on Religion and Science is a function of the Midwest Religion and Science Society (MRSS).

Celebration of Research

The Celebration of Research is a campus-wide event that showcases the culture of research and creative scholarship at Andrews. Graduate students now join the Andrews University Faculty in presenting their research at the Celebration.

Dwain L. Ford Lecture Series

The Dwain L Ford Lecture Series is sponsored by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry in honor of former Chair and Professor Dwain L Ford on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the seminar program he started. The Series provides students, faculty and the wider community an opportunity to hear guest speakers from academia, industry and government present topics of current interest and importance in chemistry.


The weekly Mathematics and Physics research colloquium, eigen*, occurs Fridays from 12:30-1:30pm in Haughey Hall 133 and features local and off-campus speakers. For more information, contact 

Ellen White Issues Symposium

The Ellen White Issues Symposium is an annual meeting sponsored by the Center for Adventist Research for the purpose of breaking new ground in understanding Ellen White and issues relating to her life, ministry, and prophetic gift that have current importance.


Exploring the Composition of the Pentateuch

There is major divergence among scholars studying the composition of the Pentateuch. The Documentary Hypothesis as the former dominant theory is now being revised and criticized and alternative approaches are being suggested. This conference invites scholars to dialogue on how to approach the question of the composition of the Pentateuch.

Here We Stand: Luther, the Reformation, and Seventh-day Adventism

A Symposium commemorating 500 years of the Protestant Reformation.




Honors Scholars & Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium

Since 2012, the Office of Research and the J.N. Andrews Honors Office have worked together to organize a poster symposium in which Undergraduate Research Scholars and Honors Scholars present their research.



International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA)

Andrews University hosted the 42nd annual conference of the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA) from May 15-17, 2013.

J. Montagano Lectureship Series


John O. Waller Lectureship on the Arts

The John O. Waller Lectureship on the Arts is sponsored by the English Department in honor of late professor John O. Waller.


Leadership Conference

The School of Education's Department of Leadership has hosted an annual Leadership Conference on Andrews Campus in July for the past years.


Luther Conference (History Dept.)

A conference commemorating the 500-year anniversary of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses was held at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, from October 31 to November 3, 2017. The conference is organized by the Andrews University Department of History & Political Science in collaboration with the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists' Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research.


Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters (MASAL)

Faculty and students from all disciplines travel to the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters (MASAL) to present their research papers...

Research Week




Robert and Lillis Kingman Lecture Series on Science and Society

The annual Kingman Speaker Series was launched in 2019.


Seminary Scholarship Symposium

The Seminary Scholarship Symposium is held at the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary annually in January or February.


Siegfried H. Horn Lectureship

The Siegfried H. Horn Lectureship is sponsored by the Institute of Archaeology and the Siegfried H. Horn Museum. Past presenters include Richard Averbeck, Gabriel Barkay, William Dever, Pamela Gaber, and many more.



Summit on Social Consciousness

The annual Summit on Social Consciousness has explored social justice issues including genocide, human trafficking, and poverty.