What do we as World Changers believe?


World Changers use their talents, resources, passions and skills to make the world around them a better place. This begins as soon as you become a part of the Andrews community. 

Now’s your chance. The world needs you. Let’s make a difference.



World Changers act with FAITH not FEAR. 

World Changers face challenges with determination, kindness and faith.


World Changers CHANGE and THRIVE. 

World Changers are catalysts of change—resilient, adaptable and tenacious.


World Changers BUILD the FUTURE. 

World Changers are capable, courageous and ready to Change the World.


World Changers SUPPORT and GIVE. 

World Changers create the future and use their talents to bring hope to others.


Change Day

Inspired by our namesake, John Nevins Andrews, the first Adventist Church-sponsored missionary, we seek to give back to the community by dedicating a day of service—that day is Change Day.

Our way of giving back to the community through acts of service. 

Ready to help?


Change Local

Change must take place in our local community. We connect organizations in Southwest Michigan with willing volunteers here at Andrews University.

We demonstrate our faith by serving our neighbors.

What better place to start change than at home?


Change Global

Each year various campus departments take trips out of the country to participate in mission work. Student missionaries take time off from their academic studies to make the world a better place.

Caring for others around the world affirms our faith.

Are you ready to change the world?

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Andrews University is the heartbeat of Adventist education—the place where talents and ideas are cultivated. We are a diverse and innovative community ready to help the next generation of World Changers deepen their knowledge, enrich their faith and change the world around them.

We invite you to explore all our undergraduate and graduate programs.

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Stories of World Changers


“Stories like these are the spirit of Andrews. You are Andrews. We are Andrews. Together, we are the spirit and story of Andrews.” Andrea Luxton, president, Andrews University

Instructor of Information Systems

Developing new drone certification lab

Associate Professor of Social Work

Helping refugees integrate into American culture

PhD in Higher Education Administration Student

Ministering through cleanliness

Professor of Physics

Braving new frontiers with LIGO

Recent alumni

Founding Ubuntu Design Group, South Africa

Professor of Engineering

Engineering new cell phone technology

Associate Professor of Religion

Reaching the underprivileged and marginalized


Associate Director, International Student Services & Programs

Helping international students navigate and thrive at Andrews


Professor of Sociology

Researching at-risk populations


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