\n The 10th of October is the celebrated National Day (Doubl e Ten Day\, outbreak of the Wuchang Uprising that led to abolition of the monarchy in China and founding of the Republic of China in 1911).


\n Taiwan\, officially the Republic of China\, is a state in East Asia. Or iginally based in mainland China\, the Republic of China now governs the i sland of Taiwan\, which makes up over 99% of its territory\, as well as Pe nghu\, Kinmen\, Matsu\, and other minor islands. Neighboring states includ e the People'\;s Republic of China to the west\, Japan to the east and northeast\, and the Philippines to the south. Taipei is the seat of the ce ntral government. New Taipei\, encompassing the metropolitan area surround ing Taipei proper\, is the most populous city. aiwan'\;s population was estimated in December 2013 at 23\,373\,517\, most of whom are on the isla nd of Taiwan. Mandarin is the official national language and is spoken by the vast majority of the population of Taiwan. It has been the primary lan guage of instruction in schools since the Japanese rule ended. As in Hong Kong and Macau\, Traditional Chinese is used as the writing system in Taiw an.


\n The island of Taiwan (formerly known as "\;Formosa" \;) was mainly inhabited by Taiwanese aborigines until the Dutch and Spani sh settlement during the Age of Discovery in the 17th century\, when ethni c Chinese began immigrating to the island. In 1662\, the pro-Ming loyalist Koxinga expelled the Dutch and established the first Han Chinese polity t o rule on the island\, the Kingdom of Tungning. The Qing Dynasty of China later conquered Taiwan in 1683. By the time Taiwan was ceded to Japan in 1 895\, the majority of Taiwan'\;s inhabitants were Han Chinese either by ancestry or by assimilation. The Republic of China (ROC) was established in China in 1912. At the end of World War II in 1945\, Japan surrendered T aiwan to ROC military forces on behalf of the Allies. Following the Chines e civil war\, the Communist Party of China took full control of mainland C hina and founded the People'\;s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949. The RO C relocated its government to Taiwan\, and its jurisdiction became limited to Taiwan and its surrounding islands. In 1971\, the PRC assumed China 9\;s seat at the United Nations\, which the ROC originally occupied. Inter national recognition of the ROC has gradually eroded as most countries swi tched recognition to the PRC. Only 21 \;UN member states and the Holy See currently maintain formal diplomatic relations with the ROC\, though i t has informal ties with most other states via its representative offices.

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\n Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Universi ty invites you to join Pastor Taurus Montgomery as he presents the sermon at the 11:45 am service.

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\n Second Sunday Concert featuring the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra with guest artist Christopher O'Rei ly.




\n Acclaimed pianist Christopher O&rsquo\;Riley is known for his NPR radio show &ldquo\;From the Top&rdquo \; and his performances with virtually all of the major American orchestra s. In this Second Sunday concert\, O&rsquo\;Riley performs with the Southw est Michigan Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robin Fountain. O&r squo\;Riley performs the elegant Piano Concerto No. 22 by Mozart. The conc ert will also include the same composer&rsquo\;s overture to The Marriage of Figaro and conclude with one of the late 19th century&rsquo\;s most joy ful symphonic works: Dvo&rcaron\;á\;k&rsquo\;s Symphony No. 8 in G M ajor.


\n By the time he completed the incred ibly elegant Piano Concerto No. 22\, performed for the SMSO by piano power house Christopher O&rsquo\;Riley\, Mozart had already set to work on his o pera Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro). Listen carefully as the Concerto recalls characters and melodies from the opera. The concert concl udes with one of the late 19th century&rsquo\;s most joyful symphonic work s: Dvo&rcaron\;á\;k&rsquo\;s sunny and energetic Symphony No. 8 in G Major.


\n Program
\n Mozart\, Overture to The Marriage of Fi garo\, K. 492
\n Mozart\, Piano Concerto No. 22 in E -flat Major\, K. 482
\n Dvo&rcaron\;á\;k\, Sym phony No. 8 in G Major\, Op. 88\, B. 163

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\n University Staff Members:


\n Elynda Bedney\, your representative on the Presidential Search Committee\, would like your inp ut. What do you look for in a president? What do you feel is important tha t the Committee consider when selecting the University's next president? C ome have your voices heard at a special gathering for staff only in the Li ncoln/Hoosier Rooms in the Campus Center from 12-1:30 p.m. on Tuesday\, Oc tober 13. Thank you for contributing to this important search!


\n Staff members are welcome to bring their lunch to the discussion.

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\n These sessions are general help sessions with no planned trainings. Come with your Educational Technology questions. This is led by Marsha Beal.

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\n These sessions are general help sessions with no planned trainings. Come with your Educational Technology questions. This is led by Marsha Beal.

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\n This semester\, the School of Business Administration\, i n collaboration with the Office of Human Resources\, is providing an oppor tunity for Staff and Faculty to participate in Computer Literacy Tr aining workshops on Microsoft Excel\, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word .


\n The following workshops will be offered during fall semester on Wednesdays\, from 10:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.\, in Chan Shun Hall 226 (PC Lab )\, beginning September 16\, 2015\, and ending November 4\, 2015. Dates an d specific topics are listed below:


\n RSVP at and specify which workshops you would like to attend: \; Microsoft PowerPoint (1 session)\, Microsoft Outlook (1 session)\, Microso ft Word (3 sessions)\, Microsoft Excel (2 sessions)\, and or Intro to Micr osoft Access (1 session). \; When sending an RSVP\, we will need your full name\, ID#\, email address\, and the department you work in. \; Seats are limited to 25.

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\n These showcases are presented by faculty with Q&\;A se ssions. The sessions run from 12-1:30 p.m. with lunch provided. RSVP is re quired. Email to RSVP.

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