\n Join PMC for a wide variety of Bible study options for al l ages.

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\n Welcome to the 4th annual Adventist Conference on Fami ly Research &\; Practice (ACFRP) dedicated to stregthening families . Andrews University's School of Education &\; Theological Seminary par tnering with both of the Family Ministries Depts. at the General Conferenc e of Seventh-day Adventists &\; the North American Division. Geared tow ards Family Life Professionals (Therapists\, Counselors\, Social Workers\, Family Nurses)\, Pastors\, Chaplains\,iIndividuals in all kinds of helpin g professions or Youth/Family/Healing ministries and any person wanting to further their knowledge and practical application of family ministry.


\n 2016's ACFRP features Keynote Speakers David Olsen (Ph.D. CEO of Prepare/Enrich &\; Professor Emeritus\, Family Social S cience from University of Minnesota) and Lael Caesar (Ph. D. Associate editor of Adventist Review &\; Adventist World Magazines) &\; Lena Caesar (Ed.D.\, Ph.D. Director of Speech Lang uage Pathology &\; Audiology at Loyola University)


\n Some of 2 015's ACFRP topics included:


\n Email if you have any questions and we'd be happy to assist you!

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 11:45 am service where Pastor Sharon Terrell will present the sermon "\;God and Mister Rogers: Won't You Be My Neighbor? - part 5"\;.

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\n Our first \;organizational and informational meetin g for Hope Trending will be on Sabbath \;July 23 from 4 to 5PM in the Youth Chapel. To find out about volunteer opport unities for Hope Trending--Go to \; \; < /i>


\n  \;

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\n Graduate students in the School of Business Administratio n present their posters.

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\n Last day to change from credit to audit for Summer Term 3 classes or withdraw from a class with a W

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\n Summer Term 3: Classes end

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\n The Class of 2016 Doctor of Physical Therapy scholars wi ll present their original research posters on various physical therapy rel ated topics. \; Everyone is welcome to attend this open house event be tween 9:00 am to 11:30 am. \; This will be a beneficial educational ex perience for faculty\, clinicians and students. \; Please show your su pport of our student scholars by attending this function. \; Light ref reshments will be served

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\n Graduates in the School of Business Administration take t heir ethics oath in this special ceremony.

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its 9 am service where Pastor Don Dronen will present the serm on "\;God and Mister Rogers: Won't You Be My Neighbor? - part 6"\; .

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