\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its special 9:00 am service where Pastor Ben Martin will prese nt his message.

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\n Join PMC for a wide variety of Bible study options for al l ages.

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\n Join Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews Uni versity for its special 11:45 am Andrews Academy Baccalaureate service.

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\n Come out and support our 31 awesome students graduating f rom 8th Grade.

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\n The Theological Seminary announces the oral defense of Ad riani M. Rodrigues's PhD Dissertation entitled:




\n The defence will be held on Friday\, June 2\, 2017 at 9:30 a.m . in the Seminary building\, room N235


\n All wishing to attend must make their request by: May 29\, 2017
\n Requests can be m ade by sending an email to:


\n Please note: space i s limited and seats are reserved on a first-come\, first-served basis.

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\n Andrews University is partnering with United Way of South west Michigan and several other local organizations for their all-new &ldq uo\;Christmas in June&rdquo\; initiative!


\n Every fall/winter\, t he community food pantries are well-stocked with donations from those in t he Christmas giving spirit but in the summer\, the shelves become very nea rly or completely bare.


\n The following departments/areas have pl edged to collect specific items from the needs list provided by United Way \, but we need your help to fulfill the pledges. Look for the white &ldquo \;Christmas in June&rdquo\; collection boxes in these places (please note what each department/area is collecting):


\n ·\; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; Ad Bldg (3rd Floor Administrative Suite): 75 jars of peanut butter and j elly


\n ·\;&n bsp\; \; \; \; \; \; \; Griggs &ldquo\;A&rdquo\; ( IMC): 75 cans of vegetables


\n ·\; \; \; \; \; \; \; \; Gri ggs &ldquo\;B&rdquo\; (SDEIP): 75 packages of pasta (ramen\, noodles\, etc .)


\n ·\;&nbs p\; \; \; \; \; \; \; School of Education (Dean&rs quo\;s Office): 75 boxes of cereal


\n ·\; \; \; \; \; \; \; \ ; Seminary (Dean&rsquo\;s Office): 75 soaps (hand\, dish\, laundry)\; and 75 cans of fruit


\n The deadline to contribu te to the boxes is Tuesday\, June 20. Paul Elder has graciously conse nted to pick up all the items and deliver them to the sorting station at B uchanan Middle School Cafeteria by 9:30 a.m. June 21. Let us know if you&r squo\;d like to help at the sorting station.


\n If you would also like to have a collection box in your area\, just register online at n-june. Let us know which item/s you choose and we&rsquo\;ll get the w ord out.


\n Thank you for your year-round Christmas giving spirit! !

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\n Give blood.  \;Help save lives.

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\n Come and take a look\, decide if Andrews is right for you ! We've found that one of the most effctive ways to discover if a school i s the right fit\, is to experience a visit.

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\n Come take a look\, decide if Andrews if right for you! We 've found one of the most effective ways to discover if a school is a good fit\, is through a campus visit.

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\n The Andrews University Departments of History &\; Poli tical Science and Religion &\; Biblical Languages in collaboration with the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship and the General Conferenc e of Seventh-day Adventists' Office of Archives\, Statistics\, and Researc h proudly announces its upcoming conference to commemorate the 500-year an niversary of Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses. The conference will be he ld at Andrews University in Berrien Springs\, Michigan\, from October 31 t o November 3\, 2017

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