\n Want some pictures taken this spring? We've got the perfe ct way for you to do it! Schedule your photo session with Hopkins Studio o n April 29 or May 1 and 35% of the proceeds will go to the Student Mission s Department! Whether you're a graduating college or high school senior\, want some family portraits done\, or just want to get together with your s ignificant other or friends\, this is a great opportunity to get some qual ity photos while helping the SM Department ! Call 269-471-8361 to book you r session today!

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\n The Lake Michigan Youth Orchestra joins the SMSO side by- side for two of Brahms&rsquo\;s most beloved Hungarian Dances &ndash\; Nos . 5 and 6. Wagner&rsquo\;s beautiful and intimate Siegfried Idyll begins t his concert\, which ends in blazing glory with Bruckner&rsquo\;s Seventh S ymphony.


\n  \;

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\n Earn up to 6 credit hours by taking two classes: MKTG310 Principles of Marketing and BSAD297 Cross-Cultural Business Communication (3 credits each) taught while at Helderberg College near Cape Town.

\n< p>\n Tour highlights:
\n Business tours
\n 3-4 day safari in Kru ger National Park
\n Cape Town
\n Johannesburg
\n Beach at Somerset West
\n Cango Caves
\n Table Top Mountain
\n Cape Point
\n Ostrich farm\, penguin colony\, \;Seal Island\, baboons\ , monkeys\, and more!
\n Ask your advisor if these classes c an fit within your program!

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\n May Express classes and Summer Physics begin Monday\, May 2.

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\n Students in the Medical Laboratory Sciences program will begin summer semester clinicals on Monday\, May 2.

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\n On Tuesday\, May 3 from 4-8 pm\, all Pizza Hut restaurant s in Berrien County are donating 10% of all dining\, pick-up and delivery orders to
\n Girls on the Run of Berrien County. Girls on the Run is a project funded by our own United Way of Southwest Michigan.


\n E at pizza and contribute to a very worthy cause! See the attached poster fo r a list of participating Pizza Hut stores!

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\n Choral &\; Orchestra Spring Concert by Andrews Academy . \;

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\n Spring Semester grades due by 11:59 PM

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\n The Office of Research &\; Creative Scholarship at Andrews University is pleased to announce that the Third Annual Andrews Research Conference\, "\;Early Career Researchers and Creative Scholars in the Arts and Hum anities\,"\; will be held at Andrews University from \;May 4-8\, 2016. Conference sponsors include the North American Divis ion Office of Strategic Planning and Assessment and the General Conference Office of Archives\, Statistics\, and Research.


\n All Adventist graduate student s\, post-docs and early career faculty- as well as advanced undergraduate students and recent graduates- in the Arts and Humanities disciplines are welcome. This includes English\, history\, political science\, internation al languages\, music and visual arts. We are particularly interested in Ad ventist participants from non-Adventist universities. \;


\n The confer ence itself will be free for all students and post-docs\, as well as early career faculty. Conference meals\, double-occupancy lodging\, and confere nce excursions are provided as part of the conference registration. \;Senior faculty at Adventist institutions pay a small registration fee of $75 to help defray the cost. Participants will need to provide the ir own transportation to Andrews University.


\n  \;More information is availab le on the Andrews Research Conference webpage.

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\n The plenary sessions of the \;3rd Annu al Andrews Research Conference: Early Career Researchers and Creative Scho lars in the Arts and Humanities \;will be held on Wednesday\, May 4\, 2016 at 7:00 pm and Thursday\, May 5\, 2016 at 7:30 pm. Both presenta tions will take place in Newbold Auditorium and are free and open to the p ublic.


\n On Wednesday\, May 4\, Dr. L. Monique Pittman\, Andrews University Professor of English and Director of Honors\, will speak on the topic of &ldquo\;Color-Conscious Casting and Multicultural Britain in the BBC Henry V (2012): Historicizing Adaptation in an Age of Digita l Placelessness.&rdquo\; Her abstract is as follows:


\n &ldquo\;Fo ur hundred years after the death of William Shakespeare\, the playwright&r squo\;s works and their afterlives occupy an uncontested position as signi fiers of cultural value. However\, those same works as instruments of an A nglo-White hegemony also shorthand enduring contestations over which cultu ral identities enjoy power. Throughout its adaptational history\, Shakespe are&rsquo\;s Henry V (1599) has long telegraphed British imperial might. Produced within the framework of the Cultural Olympiad that coinci ded with both the London Olympics and the Queen&rsquo\;s Jubilee\, the BBC &rsquo\;s Hollow Crown Henry V (2012) wrestles with the status of multicultural British identity in the post-Great Recession and post-9/11 climate. Henry V (directed by Thea Sharrock) raises questions by casting in an otherwise all-White film one non-Caucasian\, Paterson Joseph \, as the Duke of York. That the Duke of York is played by the only actor of color in the film burdens the role with new pressures of representation and interacts in troubling ways with the policies of British multicultura lism and the trope of the Magical Negro in Hollywood film-making.&rdquo\;< /p>\n

\n On Thursday\, May 5\, Dr. David Trim\, Director of the General Conference Office of Archives\, Statistics\, and Research\, will speak on the topic of &ldquo\;America&rsquo\;s favourite sect? The afterlife of the Huguenots: in the visual arts\, literature\, drama\, music\, and the movi es.&rdquo\; His abstract is as follows:


\n &ldquo\;The Huguenots\, France&rsquo\;s Calvinist minority\, faced fierce persecution in the sixt eenth and seventeenth centuries\, which eventually drove them entirely und erground. But they experienced a remarkable afterlife in the nineteenth an d twentieth centuries. They became a focus for interest among historians\, genealogists and Protestant apologists\, but they also become the subject of extraordinary attention from creative artists: painters\, poets\, play wrights\, novelists\, composers\, dramatists and movie directors. This pap er explores the richness of artistic sources on the Huguenots\, partly as a model for how scholars can bring together all the disciplines represente d at the early-career researchers&rsquo\; conference\, and how interdiscip linary research can enrich scholarship.&rdquo\;


\n For more inform ation about the Andrews Research Conference\, please visit our website.\n DTEND:2016-05-04T00:00:00 DTSTART:2016-05-04T00:00:00 SUMMARY:Andrews Research Conference Public Lectures END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR