Financial Partnerships

Consider adding Andrews University classes to your degree and financial plan at another university!  Experience Christian faith, learning, and living integration as you engage with faculty, grow friendships with classmates, and enrich your career preparation.

Financial partnerships make taking classes at two universities at the same time easier. Many universities in the USA approve consortium agreements between institutions that enable students completing a degree at one university to add one or more classes taken during the same term at another university into the same federal financial aid award.  The following steps are commonly required:

  1. Check with your academic advisor that the Andrews University course will fulfill a degree requirement.
  2. Check with your financial aid advisor if you could add this Andrews University course to your financial aid at your home institution.  If so, ask for the Consortium Agreement form.
  3. Apply as a guest student to take one or more Andrews University (your host institution) classes towards a degree at another university (your home institution).
  4. Once admitted, use Registration Central to enroll in class(es).
  5. Pay in full for the Andrews University class to complete registration.
  6. If your financial aid advisor indicates that an Andrews University course added to your current load would be eligible for federal aid, get approval signatures on your home institution’s Consortium Agreement form.
  7. Send the signed form to Andrews University Student Financial Services:
    • Email:
    • Mail: 4150 Administration Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0750
    • Questions: 269-471-3334

Note that some types of courses may not be included in consortium agreements:

  1. Most types of term-based courses are approved, but be sure to check with your home institution advisors before registering.  Andrews University term-based course types include lecture, lab, and activity options on campus, as well as interactive online (999 sections) and self-paced full term (902 sections) courses offered online. 
  2. Self-paced open learning (901 sections) would not qualify for federal financial aid.  If you need to fill a gap and can pay without aid, these are  available to register any day of the year.  These sections can be completed as fast as you like, with no fixed deadlines within 180 days from your start date.

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