We understand that investing in graduate education requires planning and budgeting and we want to help. Here are some of the resources available for qualifying graduate students:

Grants, Scholarships

Grants and scholarships may be available through the office of your academic program. You may request an application from the respective dean or department chair.


Graduate assistantships may be available through the office of your academic program. Assistantships are processed through the Office of Employment. You may request an application from the respective dean or department chair.

Tuition and Fees

Typical costs for tuition, insurance and housing are provided below. Contact your financial advisor for more information.


  Expenses Semester
Tuition and
General Fees
(Undergraduate Level under 12 credits) 
Tuition (Master’s Level)  $1,047.00/credit
Tuition (Doctoral & Ed.S) $1,218.00/credit
Physical Therapy Tuition
Physical Therapy Tuition
(t/DPT, DScPT—Postprofessional)
$520.00 or $220.00**/credit
Graduate General Fee $345.00
Seminary General Fee $362.00
Master of Divinity Registration Fall 2016, Spring 2017 $2,994.00
Summer 2017 $2,252.00
Continuation Fees Master’s Project/Thesis/Program Continuation $239.00
Doctoral Dissertation $597.00
Seminary/School of Education Degree Reactivation $597.00
Preparation for Comprehensive Exams $114.00
Master’s Recital $114.00
Leadership (Program/Dissertation Continuation) $1,218.00
PT Capstone Project/Program Continuation $233.00

*Does not include professional fees; **Competency credit; ***A Café Account is also available for graduate students who eat at the café once in a while and do not like to carry cash. There is a $50.00 minimum to open a café account and you may add more at any time. Purchases may be made at the Terrace Café, Gazebo Restaurant and campus vending machines.

Single graduate students may live in an on-campus residence hall. Room Deposits are $250.Please email for more information. 

  Semester Year
Double Occupancy* $2,321.00 $4,642.00
Single Occupancy* $3,482.00 $6,964.00

*Damazo Hall rates are an additional $250.00/semester

These rates are effective May 1, 2016–April 30, 2017. Please refer to the Housing Handbook for more information. Application fee is $320. The following shows apartment rental rates per month: 

Efficiency $590.00
One Bedroom $620.00–$690.00
Two Bedroom $680.00–$750.00
Three Bedroom $740.00–$805.00
Four Bedroom $860.00

To be charged by semester, notify the Student Insurance Office. Note that the per semester rate is slightly higher than the one time fee. Rates are subject to change each school year.

Status Charge per semester Full year
Fall Spring Summer
Single Student $608.00 $933.00 $469.00 $1,541.00
Student with
1 Dependent
$1,694.00 $2,600.00 $1,306.00 $4,294.00
Student with
2 Dependents
$2,545.00* $3,906.00* $1,962.00* $6,451.00*

* Contact Student Insurance at 269-471-3097 for every dependent over 2

Student Employment

Work opportunities for graduate students are available through Human Resources. Assistantships are arranged through the respective academic programs.

Travel Equalization Fund

Assistance with travel expenses may be available to graduate students traveling more than 500 miles to attend Andrews. More information is available at the Student Financial Services website.

Financial Advisors

Individualized help is available from your financial advisor. Advisors are assigned based on the first letter of your last name. You are welcome to contact your representative by email or phone.

A-C Juan Alvarez 269-471-3365
D-K Mersha Rowley 269-471-6597
L-Q Terrance W. Mann 269-471-6385
R-Z Qaisar Ayaz 269-471-6387

International Students

For more information, see the International Students page. Additional help is available by emailing Jacqueline Yates or calling 269-471-6380

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