Getting Started with Duo   |  

These steps must be completed from a desktop or laptop computer and have your mobile device with you.
Non-smartphone users including those with without mobile devices, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Step 1

On your mobile device, download and install the Duo Mobile app.

Step 2

If you aren't already using one, enable a screen lock on your mobile device.
Screen locks may include a PIN, pattern swipe, fingerprint, facial recognition, etc.

Step 3

On your computer's web browser, go to and sign-in to My Account with your Andrews username and password.

Step 4

When the Duo security screen appears, select Start setup.

Step 5

Select your device.  Mobile phone is recommended.
Select Continue when ready.

Step 6

Enter your phone number.

Step 7

Choose your smartphone.

Step 8

If you haven't already, download the Duo Mobile app from your respective app store to your smartphone, then select I have Duo Mobile installed.

Step 9

Using the Duo Mobile app, hold your phone up to the computer screen and scan the QR code.
[Watch a short video on how this works]
NOTE: You must allow the Duo Mobile app to use your device's camera.
When you see the green check mark, select Continue.

Step 10


Step 11

Choose your authentication method, either Send Me a Push or Enter a Passcode.

  • To enter a passcode, you must first generate the passcode on your smartphone or tablet by tapping the "key" icon.
  • You may also select Remember me for 1 day to not have Duo authenticate you for 24 hours. See more info on this.

Step 12

If you selected Send Me a Push, use the Duo Mobile app to "Approve" that you are really you.


You have COMPLETED the two-factor setup process.


For more information, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


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