Connecting to au-secure   |  
Mac OS X/macOS

Mac OS  X/macOS   

  1. If you are connected to au-guest, you must remove it from your list of wireless networks:
    • On the Finder Bar, select the Airport (wireless) icon  >  Open Network Preferences...
    • If necessary, select the Lock to authenticate and make changes
    • Select Advanced...
    • Select au-guest
    • Select -
    • Select OK
  2. In the Network Name drop-down menu, select au-secure
  3. When prompted, enter your Andrews username (lowercase, without "") and password
  4. If a security prompt appears, select Always Allow
  5. If a certificate page appears, select Accept
  6. The device will connect to the au-secure wireless newtork.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are still unable to connect to au-secure, try the following:

  • "Forget" au-secure then attempt to re-authenticate to it.
  • Restart your Apple computer.


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