Self-Service Providers

Self-service providers are technology support personnel that schools and/or departments have hired to support their day-to-day technology needs. Self-service providers handle technical issues within their school/department and work with ITS for technical issues beyond their scope of management. Self-service providers are not employed by ITS and are solely employed by the school/department they service.

The following University entities have self-service providers:

School of Business Administration (Chan Shun Hall)
Derill Legoh, Computer Support Manager
Phone: 269-471-2862

James White Library
Steve Sowder, Library Systems Director
Phone: 269-471-6242

Josip Horonic, Library Systems Manager
Phone: 269-471-3865

Steve Nash, Semtech
Cleverton Borba, Semtech Student Tech
Phone: 269-471-8339


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