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The following information explains various options you’ll have for authenticating to any MFA-protected services at Andrews University. Your options will vary based on the devices you have enrolled in Duo and are using at the time of log in.

You can also check out the video gallery of Duo "how to's".

Smartphones & Tablets (recommended)

A smartphone or tablet provides the greatest number of authentication options.
See How to Use Duo Push Notifications on Smartphones or Tablets.

Duo Texting

This feature is for eligible non-smartphone users only or older smartphones.  Wireless carrier texting rates may apply.
See How to Use Duo Texting.

Duo Token

Only Andrews-issued Duo Tokens will work with two-factor authentication and recommended for users with no type of cell phone or tablet.
See How to Use a Duo Token.

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Key

Duo supports the use of U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) keys for authentication via the web-based Duo Prompt.
The recommended application of this method is where Andrews student workers need to access protected information but do not have the recommended 2nd-factor devices (like a smarthpone or tablet), to authenticate in.
In order to use a U2F device with Duo, make sure you have the following:

  • Google Chrome web browser, version 41 or later
  • An available USB port on your computer

Learn more:  What is a U2F Key? and How to Use a U2F Key with Duo

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