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Administrative Systems (Vault services, iVue, etc.)



  • iVue privileges are granted by role:
    Department chairs, deans and administrators have special privilege that is granted by their appointment as entered by the Office of Human Resources upon receipt of the Recommendation for Appointment Form (RAF) - Section C.
    Instructors have privileges appropriate to their teaching role that is granted automatically when they are listed as the instructor for a course as entered by the University Registrar.
  • An employee (not student) can be granted the above "roles" as a "proxy". The instructor or administrator must login to iVue and use the "Designate Proxies" button to grant the desired roles.
  • For access to Administrative Banner or Redwood please use the Administrative Computing Request Form and obtain the appropriate signatures. You must contact a Banner Support Specialist or the Database Administrator at 6104, for what to put on the form.
  • Email listserve requests should be directed here.

Network Storage ("G" drive)

Andrews University offers provisioned network storage for campus departments and offices to use for University-related data; commonly known as "the G drive."


  • Access is automatically granted up to 24 hours after individuals fully complete the hiring process as outlined by the Office of Human Resources and have an active Andrews username. If ncessary, contact your ITS building technician for assistance.
  • Individuals must abide by the Information Technology Usage Policy
  • Shared network resource must be defined by ORG Code of campus department
  • Automatically appears as a networked hard drive on Univeristy-issued Windows computers
  • Off-campus access using VPN
  • Access-based enumeration for folders and sub-folders may be granted by ITS-Client Services upon request from departments


This Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure is housed in a high-availability enterprise data center, monitored by ITS and is accessible by Andrews employees on a 24/7 basis.

Data Replication

Periodic "snapshots" allows for restoration of deleted data by the end-user without the need to request restores by ITS.


  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10: University-issued machines are scripted to automatically connect to network storage as defined by ORG code
  • Mac OS X / macOS: Requires users to manually mount network shares using the SMB (Samba) protocol

Campus Printing

The Andrews University Centralized Printing Program (AUCPP) covers all campus printers and multi-function devices (copiers), with only a few exceptions for printers and copiers under separate maintenance agreements. Andrews University has entered into an agreement with Adams Remco, Inc. to oversee the maintenance, repair and replacement of printers and copiers on campus.


  • Users must fully complete the hiring process as outlined by the Office of Human Resources and have an active Andrews username. Access is automatically granted at that time. If necessary, contact your ITS building technician for assistance.
  • Users must abide by the Information Technology Usage Policy


Standard printing devices and copiers are configured on a secure Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and are operational only on designated network ports.


  • Arrangements are made with the campus department or office for new printer/MFD to be added or replaced
  • Device is delivered to ITS by Adams Remco for configuration and setup
  • Deployment and setup will be done by Adams Remco and/or ITS Client Services to campus departments
  • Training, as needed, will be done by Adams Remco representatives


  • PaperCut™ print management software is used to track copier authentication and usage. This allows departments to share resources while still maintaining accurate billing figures.
  • Tracking software for standard printing devices include FM Audit® and Print Manager Plus®


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