Information about connecting wifi enabled devices to WPA2-Enterprise networks

Andrews University, like many universities across the U.S., uses the WPA2-Enterprise wireless security. In order for any device to be able to connect using WPA2-Enterprise, it must have 802.1x-compatible wireless hardware that is WiFi Certified, and it must run an operating system that is WPA2-Enterprise Certified. This means the hardware is certified as inter-operable with other manufacturers' wireless equipment, and the operating system supports the WPA2-Enterprise standard for wireless security.

Below is a list of commonly used devices that DO NOT support the WPA2-Enterprise network security. Where applicable, you must register your device and use a wired connection in order to connect to the Andrews University network. For additional assistance, visit the ITS Service Desk.

This list is not comprehensive and will change as new information becomes available:

Voice-Activated Digital Assistants

• Amazon Echo (all editions)
• Google Home (all editions)

Media Streaming Devices

• Amazon Fire TV (all editions)
• Amazon Fire TV Stick (all editions)
• Apple TV (1st Generation)
• Apple TV (2nd Generation)
• Apple TV (3rd & 4th Generation)1
• Google Chromecast
• Roku (all editions)
• Netgear NeoTV
• NVIDIA Shield (all editions)
• Sling TV
• TiVo (all editions)
• Western Digital WDTV


• Amazon Kindle Fire series tablets (2nd gen and older)
• Nook v1.5

Gaming Consoles

• Microsoft Xbox 360
• Microsoft Xbox 360 S
• Microsoft Xbox One
• Microsoft Xbox One X
• Microsoft Xbox Series S
• Microsoft Xbox Series X
• Microsoft Xbox wireless networking adapter
• Nintendo 3DS
• Nintendo DS
• Nintendo DSi
• Nintendo Switch
• Nintendo Wii
• Nintendo Wii U
• Sony Playstation 3
• Sony Playstation 4
• Sony Playstation 4 Pro
• Sony Playstation 5
• Sony Playstation Vita
• Sony PSP


• All home and consumer-based HP printers with wifi capabilities

Smart TVs

• All televisions with the SmartTV® label 2

Other Devices

• Blu Wireless devices
• Sony Blu-Ray Players with Wifi


1 http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5437, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5438
Currently Smart TVs from any vendor do not support the WPA2-Enterprise wireless security which many universities, including Andrews University, utilize. Your TV product information must state explicitly that your device can support WPA2-ENTERPRISE wireless security. WPA2 is not sufficient and is not the same as WPA2-Enterprise. If your TV will not handle WPA2-Enterprise, you must use a wired (Ethernet) connection for network connectivity (where applicable).


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