Information about connecting wifi enabled devices to WPA2-Enterprise networks

In order for any device to be able to connect using WPA2-Enterprise, it must have 802.1x-compatible wireless hardware that is WiFi Certified, and it must run an operating system that is WPA2-Enterprise Certified. This means the hardware is certified as inter-operable with other manufacturers' wireless equipment, and the operating system supports the WPA2-Enterprise standard for wireless security.

Below is a list of commonly used devices that DO NOT support the WPA2-Enterprise network security. Where applicable, you must register your device and use a wired connection in order to connect to the Andrews University network.  In some cases, the device may need to be approved for permanent registration on the au-guest wifi network.  Visit the ITS Service Desk for assistance.
This list is not comprehensive and will change as new information becomes available:

• Amazon Echo
• Amazon Echo Dot
• Amazon Echo Show
• Amazon Fire TV (all editions)
• Amazon Fire TV Stick (all editions)
• Amazon Kindle Fire series tablets (2nd gen and older)
• Apple TV (1st Generation)
• Apple TV (2nd Generation)
• Apple TV (3rd & 4th Generation)1
• Blu Wireless devices
• Google Chromecast
• Google Home
• HP Envy 4520 AIO printer
• Microsoft Xbox 360
• Microsoft Xbox 360 S
• Microsoft Xbox One
• Microsoft Xbox One X
• Microsoft Xbox wireless networking adapter
• Netgear NeoTV
• Nintendo 3DS
• Nintendo DS
• Nintendo DSi
• Nintendo Switch
• Nintendo Wii
• Nintendo Wii U
• Nook v1.5
• NVIDIA Shield (all editions)
• Roku digital media players
• Televisions with the SmartTV® label 2
• Sony Blu-Ray Players with Wifi
• Sony Playstation 3
• Sony Playstation 4
• Sony Playstation 4 Pro
• Sony Playstation Vita
• Sony PSP
• TiVo Wireless Network Adapter
• Western Digital WDTV

Currently Smart TVs from any vendor do not support the WPA2-Enterprise wireless security which many universities, including Andrews University, utilize. Your TV product information must state explicitly that your device can support WPA2-ENTERPRISE wireless security. WPA2 is not sufficient and is not the same as WPA2-Enterprise. If your TV will not handle WPA2-Enterprise, you must use a wired (Ethernet) connection for network connectivity (where applicable).


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