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Here is key information to know about COVID-19 and its impact.

As one of the United States' most internationally diverse universities, Andrews University remains committed to sharing current, relevant and accurate information on the latest reports regarding best prevention practices, changing impact and information available about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, and how that impacts our global community here on our campus.



Latest Update

Oct 19 COVID-19: A Request for Extra Care
Oct 15 Need to Know: October Issue

Previous Updates

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Jul 30 Fall Hybrid Schedule Letter
Jul 28 Need to Know: Special Reopening Issue #2
Jul 27 July 24 Update from U.S. Government
Jul 24 International Student Updates/Directions for Fall
Jul 23 Dining Services/Bon Appetit Plans for Fall 2020
Jul 20 Mandatory Employee Testing for COVID-19
Jul 17 Key Updates About Mandatory COVID-19 Testing
Jul 10 Need to Know: Additional Key Reopening Updates
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Jun 26 Updates on COVID-19 Budget Response
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May 15 CARES Act Disclosure
May 14 Andrews Moves Toward Campus Reopening
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Apr 27 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 5
Apr 21 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 4
Apr 13 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 3


Other Important COVID-19 Information

Learn more about the simple steps to keep yourself healthy.
Helpful information explaining when and why to self isolate.
Guidance for those who have recently returned from an area at high risk of COVID-19
Common questions and answers related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)