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Here is key information to know about COVID-19 and its impact.

As one of the United States' most internationally diverse universities, Andrews University remains committed to sharing current, relevant and accurate information on the latest reports regarding best prevention practices, changing impact and information available about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, and how that impacts our global community here on our campus.



Latest Update

Jun 24 COVID-19: Ongoing Steps to Keep Andrews Safe
Jun 8 Need to Know: June 2021

Previous Updates

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May 19 COVID-19 Protocol Updates
May 18 Vaccinations/Path to Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions
May 14 Vaccinations & Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions
May 5 COVID-19 Vaccines: Reporting and On-Campus Clinic
May 3 May 12 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Andreasen Center
Apr 21 Need to Know: April 2021
Apr 16 Ongoing Threat of COVID-19, Need to #FinishStrong
Apr 7 Key COVID-19 Vaccine Updates, Travel Guideline
Mar 25 Updates on COVID-19 Vaccination Plans
Mar 18 Pick Up Your Thank You Gift Today
Mar 11 Need to Know: March 2021
Feb 23 Consistent Use of #CampusClear
Feb 23 COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds
Feb 1 Need to Know: February 2021
Jan 19 COVID-19 Baseline Testing Results
Jan 15 IMPORTANT: I-20 Instructions, Response Required
Jan 13 Community Gathering, Town Halls, This Thursday
Jan 13 New Intl Travel COVID-19 Test Requirement
Jan 12 COVID-19 Vaccination Timelines
Jan 11 Renewed Commitment to Community Covenant of Care
Jan 8 Reminder: Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing Dates
Jan 8 Town Hall Webinar for Students Studying Remotely
Jan 7 Message for 2021 from the President


Other Important COVID-19 Information

Learn more about the simple steps to keep yourself healthy.
Helpful information explaining when and why to self isolate.
Guidance for those who have recently returned from an area at high risk of COVID-19
Common questions and answers related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)