COVID-19 Campus Communication

Mar 28 Updates on COVID-19 Protocol Changes


Aug 11 Students: COVID-19 Updates, 2022-2023 School Year
Aug 11 Employees: COVID-19 Updates, 2022-2023 School Year
May 17 COVID-19: Summer Semester Updates
Apr 8 Care in COVID-19 Safety Measures Still Matters
Mar 11 Masking Now Optional Indoors & Outside
Mar 1 March 1: Masks & COVID-19 Protocols Confirmation
Feb 17 Updates on COVID-19 Protocols and Changes
Jan 26 Indoor Masking Extended to February 28
Jan 19 Finding Free Local or Mailed COVID-19 Tests
Jan 14 Key COVID-19 Updates & Significant Changes
Jan 14 Students: COVID-19 Updates & Significant Changes
Jan 13 Employees: COVID-19 Updates & Significant Changes
Jan 11 Updates: COVID-19 Isolation/Quarantine Guidelines
Jan 7 Residence Life COVID Updates Spring 2022
Jan 4 January Updates on COVID-19 Protocols
Jan 3 Employees: COVID-19 Updates for Spring Semester
Jan 3 Students: COVID-19 Updates for Spring Semester


Dec 16 December Updates on COVID-19 Protocols
Dec 15 Update on Indoor Masking Requirements & Testing
Dec 15 Employees: Continuing Our Commitment
Dec 10 Students: Continuing Our Commitment
Oct 28 Indoor Mask Requirement Extended
Sep 28 Individual & Shared Response to COVID-19
Sep 17 Updates on Ongoing Steps to Keeping Andrews Safe
Aug 27 Preparing for New Year: Mask Up, Report & Protect
Aug 16 Need to Know: Back to School Edition
Aug 11 New Masking Guidelines for Andrews University
Aug 9 Students: COVID-19 Self-Screen Required for Fall
Aug 5 Reporting/Tracking COVID-19 Vaccinations
Jul 21 STUDENTS: Important Changes in COVID-19 Protocols
Jul 19 EMPLOYEES: Important Changes in COVID-19 Protocols
Jun 28 COVID-19: Steps to Keep Andrews Safe/Students
Jun 24 COVID 19: Steps to Keep Andrews Safe/Employees
Jun 8 Need to Know: June 2021
May 19 COVID-19 Protocol Updates
May 18 Vaccinations/Path to Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions
May 14 Vaccinations & Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions
May 5 COVID-19 Vaccines: Reporting and On-Campus Clinic
May 3 May 12 COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Andreasen Center
Apr 21 Need to Know: April 2021
Apr 16 Ongoing Threat of COVID-19, Need to #FinishStrong
Apr 7 Key COVID-19 Vaccine Updates, Travel Guideline
Mar 25 Updates on COVID-19 Vaccination Plans
Mar 18 Pick Up Your Thank You Gift Today
Mar 11 Need to Know: March 2021
Feb 23 Consistent Use of #CampusClear
Feb 23 COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funds
Feb 1 Need to Know: February 2021
Jan 19 COVID-19 Baseline Testing Results
Jan 15 IMPORTANT: I-20 Instructions, Response Required
Jan 13 Community Gathering, Town Halls, This Thursday
Jan 13 New Intl Travel COVID-19 Test Requirement
Jan 12 COVID-19 Vaccination Timelines
Jan 11 Renewed Commitment to Community Covenant of Care
Jan 8 Reminder: Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing Dates
Jan 8 Town Hall Webinar for Students Studying Remotely
Jan 7 Message for 2021 from the President
Jan 6 Jan. 10 Registration: Intl Students Contact Info
Jan 5 Reopening Zoom Webinar: Undergraduates & Parents
Jan 5 Reopening Zoom Webinar: Graduate Students
Jan 5 Employees: Remote Work Update
Jan 4 Employees: Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing Dates
Jan 4 Students: Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing Dates
Jan 4 Remote and New Spring 2021 International Students


Dec 22 Student Health Insurance Requirement
Dec 10 Need to Know: December Issue
Dec 2 Information about Spring 2021 Registration
Nov 30 Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing for Students
Nov 30 Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing for Employees
Nov 19 Remote Learning Request Form Available
Nov 19 Intl Students: Will you be on campus 12/11-1/11?
Nov 19 Five Key Updates: Winter Break
Nov 17 Confirmation of Fall Exam Schedule
Nov 11 Need to Know November 2020
Nov 9 Required Mental Health Assessment Training
Nov 9 Spring 2021 Information for International Students
Nov 9 REMINDER: Virtual Town Hall Today
Nov 3 Deepening Our Commitment to Safety & Community
Oct 30 Mandatory Wearing of Masks
Oct 30 Spring 2021 Opening Plan Outlined
Oct 19 COVID-19: A Request for Extra Care
Oct 15 Travel Guidelines Reminder
Oct 15 Need to Know: October Issue
Oct 2 Andrews University COVID-19 Dashboard
Sep 29 Quarterly HEERF Fund Expenditures Report
Sep 11 Need to Know: September Issue
Aug 22 Need to Know: Final Reopening Issue
Aug 22 Town Hall for Students Studying Remotely
Aug 13 Intl Students and Health Insurance for 2020-2021
Aug 12 New Student Orientation for International Students
Aug 6 Supplemental CARES Act Information
Jul 30 Fall Hybrid Schedule Letter
Jul 28 Need to Know: Special Reopening Issue #2
Jul 27 July 24 Update from U.S. Government
Jul 24 International Student Updates/Directions for Fall
Jul 23 Dining Services/Bon Appetit Plans for Fall 2020
Jul 20 Mandatory Employee Testing for COVID-19
Jul 17 Key Updates About Mandatory COVID-19 Testing
Jul 16 Andrews Face Masks To Be Delivered
Jul 14 UPDATE: Reversal of Recent SEVP Guidelines
Jul 13 Andrews Response to SEVP Guidelines
Jul 10 Need to Know: Additional Key Reopening Updates
Jul 7 SEVP Updates for All International Students
Jul 3 Important Information for International Students
Jun 26 Updates on COVID-19 Budget Response
Jun 10 Need to Know Newsletter: Special Reopening Issue
Jun 4 James White Library Services During COVID-19
May 18 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 7
May 15 CARES Act Disclosure
May 14 Andrews Moves Toward Campus Reopening
May 4 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 6
Apr 27 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 5
Apr 21 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 4
Apr 16 Virtual Support Group for Students & Spouses
Apr 13 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 3
Apr 9 COVID-19 Update: "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Extended
Apr 7 COVID-19 Update: Student Life Emergency Fund
Apr 6 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 2
Apr 3 COVID-19 Update: UG Co-Curricular Adjustments
Apr 3 COVID-19 Update: Pass/No Credit Option Approved
Apr 2 Virtual Support Group for Students & Spouses
Mar 30 COVID-19 Update: Need to Know Newsletter, Issue 1
Mar 25 COVID-19 Update: Faith Engagement Opportunities
Mar 23 COVID-19 Update: "Stay Home, Stay Safe." Order
Mar 21 COVID-19 Update: Two positive tests confirmed
Mar 19 Dining Services Hours Effective March 19, 2020
Mar 19 The Gazebo and Le Cafe are Closed
Mar 18 Update on COVID-19 and Sandi Patty Concert
Mar 17 COVID-19 Update: Guidelines for Andrews Employees
Mar 16 COVID-19 Update: Significant Changes
Mar 16 COVID-10 Update: Spring 2020 Graduation Postponed
Mar 16 COVID-19 Update: Spring Break Extended
Mar 16 COVID-19 Update: Campus Building Closures
Mar 15 COVID-19 Update: Dining Services Operations
Mar 14 COVID-19 Update: Information Recap for Parents
Mar 13 COVID-19 Update: Meal Plan Refunds
Mar 13 COVID-19 Update: Residence Hall Students
Mar 12 COVID-19 UPDATE: Andreasen Center for Wellness
Mar 11 COVID-19 Update: Switch to Distance Learning
Mar 10 Provost: Additional Updates on COVID-19, Feb. 1
Mar 10 Provost: Increased Understanding, COVID-19, Feb. 5
Mar 10 Provost: CDC Travel Guidelines & Impact, Feb. 28
Mar 10 Provost: Travel Advisory, March 9
Feb 26 Coronavirus Updates Shared with Andrews Community
Jan 29 Student Life: Campus Health Notice, Jan. 29